Uramines™ are a new type of patented amine curing agent (hardener) with urethane groups in the chemical structure used for curing epoxides for many different applications including coatings, potting compounds, adhesives and foam. 

Uramines are derived from the reaction between polycyclic carbonate oligomers and aliphatic or cycloaliphatic polyamines with primary amino groups. As seen in the graph below, the result is a polyhydroxy-urethane polymer – a crosslinked polymer with ß-hydroxyurethane groups of different structures:

Uramines are exclusively licensed to GCI by the Uramine patent owner. 

Uramine “Urethane” Advantages

Infra-red spectrometer photos of “Uramines” show urethane functions at wavelength 1709.97 cm-1.
These urethane functions result in:

Better reactivity
Better mechanical resistance
High adhesion
High resistance to blushing
High Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)

Uramine Applications

Uramines can be utilized as curing agents (hardener) in any applications where amine cured epoxides are used. Examples include:

Potting Compounds

Uramine Product Chart