Spider coatings incorporate the urethane durability of zero isocyanate Uramine™ hardeners with the exceptional elasticity and chemical resistance of zero BPA/F Spider Resin™ epoxides and can be manufactured in either flexible or rigid applications.

Spider Coating Property Advantages

Spider coatings, when combined with Uramine 4761™, have superior flexibility, gloss retention, color retention, and dry times compared to standard BPA/F epoxides.

Spider Coating Applications

Coating formulations made from Green Epoxy-Urethane™ Spider Coatings can be used to coat concrete, wood, metal, gypsum, ceramic tiles and VCT and is particularly useful for applications requiring higher safety and sanitation standards including:

Food & beverage processing facilities
Medical and pharmaceutical clean rooms
Industrial and commercial buildings
Waterproofing Applications
Schools & hospitals
Protection & insulation of metal and pipes

Spider Coating Non-Haz Labeling

Spider Resins™ have no endocrine disrupting BPA or BPF like standard epoxy resins and therefore can be shipped without hazardous packaging costs or labels.

Spider Resin Product Chart