SMOOTH GSPEC™ Epoxy-Urethane Cement Flooring

SMOOTH GSPEC™ is a functional epoxy-urethane coating system with a smooth finish that doesn’t need to be polished. It has a resinous industrial look and is used to protect industrial and commercial floors. Smooth GSPEC™ will provide you with an extremely resilient floor for many years. The system is typically laid at a thickness of 1/8” – 1/4”.

Colors: Smooth GSPEC™ is available in Grey, Charcoal, Sand and White

Choose GSPEC™ Epoxy-Urethane Cement Flooring for your next functional coating job to achieve:

  A functional high strength flooring system

  The stain and chemical resistance of epoxy

  The durability of urethane

  Ultra-low VOCs and NO toxic isocyanates


Additional  Advantages

  Durability with traffic and heavy loads

  Highly resistant to cracking & staining

  Superior abrasion resistance 


Product Applications

  Industrial buildings

  High traffic zones

  Commercial zones 

  Forklift traffic

  Heavy chemical wash-down

  Food packaging



Product Chart – (Coming Soon)