Textured GSPEC Epoxy-Urethane Cement Flooring

TEXTURED GSPEC is an extremely durable and functional, self-leveling, monolithic Epoxy-Urethane cement floor coating system with a textured slip-resistant finish that is self-priming. The product has a resinous, textured look and is used to protect industrial and commercial floors.

TEXTURED GSPEC is a mixture of GSPEC resin and GSPEC cement with sand, paint chips or colored quartz on top to provide skid-resistance. The resin used in TEXTURED GSPEC is 45-60% stronger than typical epoxies and urethanes and has 50% better adhesion than most urethanes.  TEXTURED GSPEC will provide you with an extremely resilient and chemical resistant floor for many years.

The TEXTURED GSPEC system is typically laid at a thickness of 1/8” – 1/4”.

Color Variations

TEXTURED GSPEC is available in the following color variations:

  • Grey – GSPEC grey resin + GSPEC grey bag mix + broadcast sand 
  • White – GSPEC white resin + GSPEC white bag mix + broadcast sand 
  • Paint Chips – Paint chips of your choice broadcast on top of GSPEC clear resin + GSPEC grey bag mix
  • Colored Quartz – 1 of 20 Colored Quartz choices broadcast on top of GSPEC clear resin + GSPEC grey bag mix
  • Custom Colors – TEXTURED GSPEC Cement Flooring can be custom tinted in just about any color.

       Contact your GSPEC sales rep to learn more about custom color, sand, paint chip or quartz color sourcing and options. 


Choose TEXTURED GSPEC Epoxy-Urethane Cement Flooring for your next functional coating job to achieve:

  Durability and strength to handle heavy loads and traffic

  Superior stain, water and chemical resistance

  Ultra-low VOCs and NO toxic isocyanates

  High flexibility and resistance to cracking

  Advanced abrasion and impact resistance 

Product Applications

  Industrial buildings

  High traffic zones

  Commercial zones 

  Pool decks


  Commercial walkways