GSPEC™ Quartz Anti-Skid Flooring

GSPEC™ Quartz Anti-Skid Flooring System is a functional coating system with a decorative, abrasion resistant quartz aggregate look that is used to protect industrial and commercial floors and does not need to be polished. A GSPEC™ Quartz flooring system will provide you with an extremely resilient floor for many years. It is often laid at a thickness of 1/8” – 1/4”. Available in 20 different colors. 

Choose GSPEC™ Urethane Cement Flooring System for your next functional coating job to achieve:

  A functional anti-skid quartz flooring

  The stain and chemical resistance of epoxy

  The durability of urethane

  No toxic VOCs or isocyanates


Additional  Advantages

  Durability with traffic and heavy loads

  Highly resistant to cracking & staining

  Superior abrasion resistance 


Product Applications

  Industrial buildings

  High traffic zones

  Commercial zones 

  Pool decks


  Commercial walkways




Product Chart – (Coming Soon)