GCI Overview

Green Chemistry Innovations LLC (GCI) is a “green” materials technology company incorporated in California. GCI is focused on creating materials of the highest quality with the lowest negative impact on human health and the environment. GCI sells finished products such as GSPEC™ (Green Self-leveling Polyurethane™-Epoxy Cement) and raw materials such as Uramines™  for formulators who are looking for safer materials to work with that do not compromise on quality and remain price competitive.

GCI Team

The following members of our GCI Team can be contacted anytime and are here to help you better understand our product lines, how to formulate with our materials, how products can be applied to your next installation or to answer any other questions you may have:

DARIN NELLIS, MBA – CEO & Director of Marketing

After graduating from UCLA, Darin began his business career financing farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa while in the Peace Corps. After receiving an MBA Peace Corps Fellowship from Loyola Marymount University he worked in public relations for the United Way of Los Angeles. For the past 15 years, he has focused his professional career in business management, marketing, sales, and public relations for multiple private and non-profit organizations including Soka University, Agora Productions, Power Quality Holdings and Nanotech Industries, Inc. Darin is an endurance athlete, an über soccer enthusiast and amateur competitor.

Cyril Jay-Rayon, Chief Operating Officer

Cyril began his career with an engineering degree from McGill University and now has more than 25 years of experience driving business success with expertise and experience in business strategy, operations, business development, project management, and product innovation.

Scott Kummer, Technical Sales Director – GSPEC

Scott is the creator of GSPEC™. He has 20 years of experience and expertise in concrete, concrete repair and protective coatings as a business owner, contractor, field technician and sales representative with deep technical and field knowledge of all aspects of concrete including: waterproofing, structural repair, overlays, terrazzo, self-leveling cement, tiles and polishing. Call our office to talk to Scott to learn about any technical or application details you may have regarding GSPEC™.

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